The Water Dynamix system creates the ideal mixture of purified water and customized mineral injection to create the best-tasting beverages. Ideal for fountain drinks, coffee, and beer production.


Enhance your plant health with Water Dynamix purified water and customized injected minerals for your desired nutrients and pH for optimal production. Control your inputs to increase your outputs.


The Water Dynamix 7 step water purification process strips water of impurities, chemicals and other harmful toxins. Our customized mineral injection then allows for pH balanced water or alkaline water.

Longest Lasting Reverse Osmosis System on the Market

Features & Benefits

A plug and play, point of entry machine to reduce contaminants, hard water, chlorine and other chemicals and odors. Providing a Maximum efficiency reverse osmosis with pre water treatment for a long lasting RO and post water treatments for pH balanced purified water with customizable mineral injection!

  • Water Purification

    7 Step Water Filtration System

    To get the cleanest water on the plant the system will run your incoming water through our patented filtration process: 5 micron filtration, Hard water treatment, Carbon filtration, Reverse osmosis, pH balance, Mineral injection, and Ultra violet sterilization.

  • Plug and Play Design

    This water filtration system is built for efficiency. Roll it though most door ways! Hook up power, the incoming water, and outgoing water connections and you are making some of the cleanest water on the plant!

  • Mineral Injection

    Industry leading mineral add back

    With most filtration systems on the market. After the purification process and filtration process you strip water of impurities, chemicals and other harmful toxins. It also strips away any good minerals form the water. Our system will add custom minerals back into your water at a very precise rate. The system will adjust your mineral injection depending on flow, filtration of the water, and the amount you select to inject back in. You can monitor the incoming water impurities before filtration, The water during the mineral injection and mixing process, and the final product of your water.

  • Automatic System Bypass

    Zero downtime with a purified bypass system

    Water filtration failure is something no one wants to talk about. Water Dynamix has water systems that have ran commercially, running more then 4 million gallons of water though them with minimal maintenance and are still running strong. But if something where to happen, we want to insure you are still up and running. We integrated a 4 step filtration process that will still run even if the system does not. The filtration process: 5 micron filtration, Hard water treatment, Carbon filtration, and Ultra violet sterilization. All you need is incoming water pressure and the system will do the rest!

  • Scale Up or Down Platform

    Customize your system

    Residential to commercial we have a system for you! We designed our system to meet the biggest demands to the smallest. Run multiple minerals or none. One gallon of water per day to thousands per day. We have you covered.

Best Reverse Osmosis

What people are saying...

John H. Alamosa, CO
220,000 gallons produced

"We have a Water Dynamix system that we have used for the last four years. We primarily started using this system due to the problem of high levels of arsenic in our water. This system has solved that problem. It has produced over 220,000 gallons in the four years with very little maintenance. We do have an uncommon water issue where our water supply has dissolved silica and at times can clog the reverse osmosis membrane. It is very simple to replace. We could not be more pleased with our water and knowing that not only is it now safe, but we have the best water in town."

Kari V. Colorado
1,200,000 gallons produced

"Our town has some of the worst water I have ever seen. Between the hard minerals, sediment, fertilizers, chemicals and horrible taste. The reverse osmosis system we have takes care of everything. We simply turn on the tap and have the sweet tasting water! You hardly even know that the water system is in our basement. 😊 1,200,000 gallons and going strong!"

Aaron Colorado

"We purchased a water purification system to solve the nitrate problems that we have. We were sold when we realized that the Water Dynamix water purification system had multiple applications to solve the high nitrate problems (carbon and reverse osmosis). The city chlorine is removed with the same processes, eliminating the chlorine taste, and the UV sterilization kills any possible bacteria that may come from the city water. Our water is refreshing, healthy and nitrate free!!"